Does it matter in the big scheme of things if Twitter injects an ad here or there, or treats a friend’s favorited tweet as a retweet? Not really. In the same sense that it doesn’t matter much that Apple inserts an unwanted music album into your purchased list. But even a little move in a direction that threatens the primacy of users is a relatively big move for companies like Twitter or Apple, whose track records have inspired us to trust that we retain more authority over the personalization of these products than perhaps we do.



i ran the official apple remove u2 album process. how galling for all parties concerned. let’s never speak of this again.

I’m just gonna buy a new iphone. And burn this one. I won’t acknowledge why I am doing it. I will never speak of it at all.

I briefly considered creating a new Apple ID so that I could get rid of the U2 album. I was completely willing to repurchase every app I use and Beyoncé.